Get travel vaccinations, medicines and advice from trusted travel health experts in Richmond and Stoneleigh.

Travel Clinic services

When you’re preparing to go abroad, one of the most important details to consider is how best to stay safe and healthy during your travels.

Yet as vital as this is, many travellers overlook travel medicine when they’re planning a trip. The travel medicine provided by a travel clinic covers far more than just vaccinations and antimalarials. A travel clinic is a vital resource for travellers and provides a wide range of services to minimize health risks abroad.

Nima Pharmacy’s comprehensive travel clinics in Epsom and Sutton can provide the latest advice about your destination and any potential risks. Our friendly and knowledgeable experts will customize a plan that gives you everything you need to have peace of mind during your trip.

They can provide you with:

  • Advice on medicines and treatments you should take with you to prevent insect bites, travel sicknesses, and stomach troubles.
  • Guidance on the best water, sanitation, and eating practices at your destination.
  • Checking your vaccination history for the recommended UK vaccination schedule and provide any jabs or boosters you may need.
  • Provide travel vaccinations and medications for foreign illnesses you may be exposed to abroad like malaria, yellow fever, or Japanese encephalitis.
  • Advice on medical protocols, procedures, and accessibility at your destination.
  • Items you should include in a travel first aid and medicine kit.
  • Steps travellers with pre-exisiting conditions may need to take.
Travel clinic

Travelling last minute? No problem! Our skilled pharmacists can help no matter how soon you plan to travel.

For personalized, confidential, and thoughtful travel clinic services, book an appointment with one of Nima Pharmacy’s travel clinics. We offer appointments at several locations like Ewell, Cheam, and Tadworth so you will always be able to find a time and location that suits your schedule.

Contact our Travel Clinic Specialists on 020 8640 0404 or email us at for more information regarding antimalarial dispensing and finding out which medication is right for you.