Due to the COVID-19 pandemic

In respect to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s natural to have concerns about the virus and your safety. PCR Testing exists to prevent infection rates from rising and endangering vulnerable populations at risk. Whether it’s for travel, work or for personal assurance we offer PCR Testing with options to suit.

One of the most reliable testing methods is the COVID-19 PCR test, dubbed as the gold standard in detecting the coronavirus accurately.

You may require a Covid PCR Test if you are travelling to a country who requests certified results. You may also require a PCR Testing for any other reason requiring results produced via laboratory analysis PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction, a technique used to make several copies of a particular section of DNA. It can be used to check for genetic material that may point to the virus, or even traces of the virus that may still be lingering if you are in the recovery process. Anna Pharmacy Richmond offers PCR tests to ensure you can safely approach any vulnerable individuals as well as travel with peace of mind with practitioner signed results certifying your fitness to fly.

Obtaining a Fit to Fly Covid Test for an Upcoming Trip

If you are interested in securing a Fit to Fly Certificate for an approaching holiday, work trip or volunteer assignment, or need certified results for work or personal reasons, we service the following locations in the UK with PCR tests starting at £80.







PCR Test for COVID-19 Detection

You may need a PCR Test if you experience symptoms, are required to take one by a governing body or your employer, or if you have been exposed to other positive Covid cases. Fit to Fly PCRTests can be required for international travel arrangements, including upon departure andarrival to the UK, depending on current regulations. This may also extend to stopover countries.For a PCR Test in Hampton, PCR Test in Hampton Hill, or PCR Test in East Molesey, book in atAnna Pharmacy Richmond today, with competitively priced analysis options to suit your needs.If you are in need of a Fit to Fly PCR test and reside in any of the aforementioned locations,trust our family-owned pharmacy for professional expertise and friendly staff who can helpsimplify a confusing time.

This is performed by using a swab, which contains a flexible stick and soft tip, and taking a sample from inside your nasopharyngeal area.