Antigen tests are a quick and easy testing method to provide confirmation of a positive or negative Covid test result.

Our convenient locations and competitive prices ensure our Covid testing services are available to you when and where you need them and at a price which is affordable. Experienced pharmacists will be on hand to assist with any queries and are sure to provide a testing experience that is as quick and painless as possible, be it administered on site or through the straightforward sale of approved home testing kits. Book your Antigen Test with us today.

Antigen tests are a quick and easy testing method to provide confirmation of a positive or negative Covid test result

Antigen testing is one of two main methods of Covid Testing available privately through Nima Pharmacy Richmond. If you are looking for an antigen test in Richmond, antigen test in Teddington or an antigen test in Kingston, look no further than our pharmacy. Our friendly team and knowledgeable pharmacists serve the Richmond and Epsom communities and beyond with comprehensive covid testing and a range of analysis options, including same day and next day results, as well as the Antigen Test. You might be someone who is in need of an antigen test if you are required to take one for any reason or if you are someone who is testing regularly to ensure the spread of infection is minimised. Acquiring the antigen test on a regular basis is something you may choose to do if you are a carer or hold a position which places you in direct contact with vulnerable people. The antigen test may also suffice for travel, depending on your airline or destination country.

Overall, rapid antigen tests are highly valued for their quick processing time, which allows many tests to be conducted per day.

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How Do Rapid Antigen Tests Work?

A rapid antigen test is carried out through a nose or throat swab to collect a sample from your nasopharyngeal area. The sample goes through a rapid analysis to check for specific proteins and antigens found in the virus which inform whether you have an active COVID-19 infection. Antigen tests are designed specifically to detect the SARS-CoV 2, but their method of analysis is not as in-depth or comprehensive as that of PCR tests, which detect the virus on a molecular level.

While antigen tests can produce results much quicker than other diagnostic tests, they may not be as effective in yielding accurate results when testing people with lower loads of virus in their system. Generally, positive results from a COVID-19 antigen test are considered to be accurate, but negative results are not always as reliable. There is a higher chance of receiving a false negative result since it is possible that the virus goes undetected in a person only carrying small traces of it. In some cases, those who receive negative antigen test results may opt to get a PCR test to confirm their results

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