When travelling to destinations abroad it is always important to make sure you are healthy and in good physical condition.

Good health is an important attribute to take with you that can ensure you have an enjoyable trip. It’s the challenge of maintaining your healthy body whilst you travel that can prove difficult without the right preparation, including travel vaccines and antimalarials. Taking preventative measures with help from our Travel Clinic Services can get you the most of your travels and provide a crucial element of protection when you need it most. Thoughtful prevention of disease and illness can be sought at Anna Pharmacy Richmond, with an array of country-specific vaccinations that can offer you and your loved ones precious immunity whilst you explore new frontiers. Our pharmacy is also pleased to carry a range of antimalarials, which can effectively prevent mosquito borne illnesses that can sometimes be fatal without adequate protection. Our travel clinic specialists can advise you on which vaccines and medications are best based on your medical history and destination. Trust Annya Pharmacy Richmond to keep you and your family safe, avoiding perilous illnesses like Malaria.

Malaria cases in the UK are often imported into the country,

which means they come from travellers returning from countries endemic with the disease. It is for this reason Travel Clinic Services are becoming a necessity to prevent the risk of widespread infection.

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Our Travel Clinic Services can help you stay safe and healthy during your travels.

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Antimalarial Medications for Travelers

The NHS highly recommends that travellers seek preventative antimalarial care before visiting a country with malaria risk. At Anna Pharmacy Richmond, we can prescribe and dispense effective malarone tablets, which contain antimalarials like atovaquone and proguanil hydrochloride. There are many combinations of prescription medicine that you can take to prevent malaria, and some of the most common types include:

1. Atovaquone and proguanil
You must start taking these tablets one or two days before your trip and take them once per day. Throughout your trip, you must take them every day up until seven days after you return.

2. Doxycycline
The recommended dosage is 100mg per day, which you must start taking one to two days prior to your trip. Throughout your trip, you must take it daily up until four weeks after your return

3. Mefloquine or Lariam
The recommended dosage is one 250mg tablet weekly, which should be started three weeks before you travel and taken throughout the entirety of your trip until four weeks after you return

Contact our Travel Clinic Specialists at 020 8640 0404 or email us at nima.richmond@nhs.net for more information regarding antimalarial dispensing and finding out which medication is right for you.